Generative AI Masters – The Ultimate Gen AI Stack

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Generative AI Masters – The Ultimate Gen AI Stack

Shreyas Prakash
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We are seeing a Cambrian explosion in the rise of AI products.

5-10 products are launched everyday in this exciting new space of generative AI.

For the past five months, I've been dabbling my hands in this bleeding edge of innovation, bookmarking links left and right in trying to organise them.

Generative AI Masters is the compilation of resources sweetly arranged in labels that can help you find what you want.

When it comes to Text-to-Audio, you have startups such as Murf.ai, Play.ht or even Resemble.ai making it easier to generate music.

Or even Text-to-Video where you have startups such as Wombo.ai or Fliki.ai helping people generate synthetic videos for marketing purposes.

Honestly, I didn't know such startups existed until I started digging up the gen-AI rabbit hole.

This product is a Notion database compiling hours and hours of effort digging up obscure websites all over the internet with my own filtering criterion - Does it work? Are they doing something unique? Are they relevant enough to watch out for?

This is a highly opinionated, curated database of things which I find relevant.

You will find close to 200+ startups working on various important problems.

Text to Image.

Image to Text.

Text to Video.

Video to Text.

Text to Text.

Text to Motion.

Text to Code.

And even Text to 3D.

Filter based on categories and dig deeper into what each of the startups are doing.

Grab it now.

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200+ resources on various generative AI applications. Be it text-to-image, image-to-text, text-to-video, video-to-text, text-to-GIF or even text-to-code. Curated list of fantastic products in the Gen AI space by Shreyas Prakash.


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